Direct Giving is the Best Giving

Behind every protest, think piece, podcast, healing circle, graphic novel, or painting is a Black person who needs money.

Thanks to the nonprofit industrial complex, there is a false belief that the most effective way to give money is to an organizational program or initiative. Because of this falsehood, people — especially Black people — chase 501(c)(3) status as a means to attract large donors whose intrusive and complicated requirements force well-meaning organizers and activists to devote significant time to administrative and bureaucratic management, instead of the marginalized and invisibilized communities they profess to serve.

In times of mass outrage and mobilization, the coercive desire to institutionalize raw grassroots energies has left thousands (if not millions) of inspired Black organizers, activists, content creators, and social entrepreneurs to the wayside. Many of these Black Liberationists are used as leverage on esoteric grant applications, but very rarely see the material fruits of this pandering.

Furthermore, Black Liberationists are often attacked by trolls online, receive death and rape threats, and are barraged with messages from white folks that range from the well-intentioned to the self-righteous who cloak their racism through devil’s advocate.

And yet, Black Liberationists still spend hundreds of hours organizing events, planning and marshaling protests, designing graphics and other digital communicative tools, writing analytical articles and think pieces, drawing and painting visual art, and/or developing curriculum and trainings all because they dare to dream radically and love fiercely.

Their labors of love are barely compensated … if at all, even as some of them do this work for organizations that have the funds to pay them.

This is why the Black Giving Fund exists. To step up and step in where others have not. To celebrate the work of Black people who dare to build the world they wish to see.

Our Strategic Vision

The Black Giving Fund is a disruptive organization that aims to drastically reshape the nonprofit world.

Nonprofit organizations are a staple within civil society, yet in times of mass mobilization and upswell in public sentiment, they are often slow in responding to the immediate and material needs of vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Through our work, we will become a robust and trusted collective organization powered by the people that directly supports Black changemakers as they work to dismantle white supremacist systems of oppression.

Year 1 – Soft Launch, Proof of Concept, Trial and Error

  • In giving directly to Black people, we are proving that our model is effective and scalable
  • We’ll probably make mistakes and we are eager to learn from them